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Our investment advice specialists provide expert investment advice to investors seeking access to leading edge investment markets, notably technology, resources, pharmaceuticals and emerging markets. We currently provide two advisory strategies, Predator and Resources. Both strategies are focused on advising clients on specific market sectors that do not, as a rule, feature prominently within a conventional investment advisory service. However, we recognize that today’s sophisticated, high net worth investor may require access to dedicated expertise in these areas and, as such, Vantage is specifically designed to address their needs.

Risk versus Reward

Both Predator and Resources carry higher investment risk than conventional, diversified investment strategies. This is because both are sector specific and do not include asset or geographical diversification beyond the nature and source of the underlying assets themselves. This means that the services we provide under Vantage are not an alternative to conventional asset allocation strategies but are, instead, specifically for the allocation of capital towards higher risk investments which, by their nature, are likely to provide greater volatility than conventional markets.

Our Investment Advisors are experienced and passionate about these frontier markets and are dedicated to providing bespoke advice to investors wishing to allocate a proportion of their capital to these sectors.


Sharing the gain, lessening the pain

Our Vantage team provide a hands-on, personal advisory service to each of our clients. In addition, we have developed a cost and charging basis which reflects the characteristics of these investment sectors, and aligns our risks and rewards with yours. Beyond our initial set up and acquisition costs, our management fees are linked directly to our clients’ investment returns. In short, if our clients don’t make a net gain, neither do we! Registered users can find specific details of our costs and charges on the dedicated Predator and Resources pages.

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