Resources are, by definition, finite and precious. The earth, and the countries that define its topography, shape the means by which we access, value, share and trade these vital commodities.

Our Resources strategy has been designed to allow investors to potentially profit from a focused exposure to opportunities within the resources sector. Our strategy revolves around a thirty-six-month trading cycle during which our advisors direct clients’ trading activities.

Our specialist investment team believes that Resources provides significant opportunities for profit over a relatively short trading cycle. Market outlook can change quickly, therefore, entry to this strategy is subject to the prevailing conditions being favourable.

The value of resources is defined by their scarcity, accessibility and demand; gold is a good example. There are three core means of gaining exposure to the investment potential of this precious metal. There is, of course, purchase of the metal itself in either physical form or synthetically via an exchange traded fund (ETF); purchase of shares in the companies that mine and extract the gold; or purchase of shares in the companies that search and explore territory for new sources of gold. As you might expect, investment risk increases the further removed you are from the metal itself but, equally, so too does the potential reward.

Our Resources strategy provides investors with advice on what and when to buy, hold and sell within this defined investment category. Although the strategy is focused on a thirty-six-month trading cycle, investors can exit their portfolios whenever they wish.

As with our Predator Strategy, investors can choose a performance related fee arrangement that reflects the higher risk verses reward nature of this tactical approach to investing.

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